Digital Marketing Case Study: West African Decor Tiles

West African Decor Tiles Ltd. lives up to its name from generation to generation by offering a very high level of customer satisfaction with a wide variety of quality, affordable and durable Tiles, sanitary wares and security doors from Spain and other countries which marry the world-renowned technology.

West African Decor Tiles (WADT) had established its dominance in the tiles industry offline in Ghana, becoming a household name. However, they had little online presence (Website or social media), which in this day and age is an outright crime.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for the client was: A well-designed Website, Local map listing (Google My Business Profile, Online Reputation Management), and Social media set-up.


Having a website serves as a digital footprint for your business. As more and more companies move into the online space, it’s only wise to set up your business online. This also allows businesses to market and sell products online, as an alternative to buying in person.

We wanted to build a website that would allow the client to showcase all the products available. The website also served as an online shop where we uploaded all of the client’s products with prices included.

West African Decor Tiles

Local Map Listing

We pinned a number of their branches on Google Maps so customers could easily locate their showrooms.

Google my business

Having a website is only the first step. In order to certify its legitimacy online, we needed to list the business on Google My Business. A Google My Business account is the only way to claim ownership of your Business Profile, maintain it, and access extra free tools to boost your visibility on Google.

With a Google My Business profile, the client will be able to have direct communications, reply to reviews, respond to enquiries, and set up related alerts. Like with Facebook and other social media sites, the client can even use Google My Business to write posts to your business profile.

Customers can then post reviews, images, queries, and even answers to inquiries on the Business Profile. The data that Google gathers from various websites may also be added to the Business Profile.

To set up the profile, we gathered basic contact information, as well as other essential details from the client. With the profile set up, it was left with uploading some pictures of the products for sale by the client, providing crucial information, and constantly updating the information as and when things changed.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

It’s one thing to create an online presence for the client. It’s another to manage negative customer feedback and keep your online presence as positive as possible. The primary goal of ORM is to portray the company or business in the best light.
One thing we did was make sure to address all comments or reviews, be they negative or positive, to make sure we’re controlling the conversation online. We also made sure the client managed all engagements they had on their website or on Google My Business.

We also tracked all mentions of our client’s business online. We tracked blogs, social media platforms, and external websites to find out what other people were saying about the client, and how we could address them.

The final step we took was creating blog articles for the website. This would help establish the client as an authority in the Tiles industry. These articles included tips and product suggestions for potential clients.

Results of Local Listing and ORM

With efforts from both the client and us, The West African Decor Tiles listing currently has a 4.2-star rating on Google My Business, with a total of 585 reviews.

Social Media

We created social media profiles for the client, managing them within the first few weeks. In subsequent weeks, we handed over management to a correspondent on their end after taking them through the necessary tutorials and tips for a successful social media campaign.

Because this client wanted an organic-only approach, we strategized ways to increase reach and improve follower numbers. We had the client provide content, with videos and pictures of events, products, and purchases. We assembled the best ones and uploaded them on their Instagram and Facebook pages weekly.

Another strategy we used involved brainstorming hashtags with the client to define their company’s products and field of business. Hashtags are essential on social media because they make it easier for the right users to find your content. It makes it simpler for visitors to identify and access your content by using relevant hashtags to boost views, likes, and shares.

Additionally, we assisted the customer in developing holiday- and season-specific posts and artwork. Since everyone can relate to holidays, it is known to increase traffic and attention to your page.

Social Media Results

Currently, the client has gained 2,155 followers on Instagram and over 6,700 followers on Facebook, from our purely organic strategy. This is very impressive since the client had no prior social media presence and there were no paid or boosted posts in our approach.



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