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Why you need a website for your business?

1. Show up in google search results
Websites make advertisement easy and more effective once you employ the right techniques. What this means for your business is that it will help get more leads and prospects, therefore, increasing traffic which will eventually lead to increased sales of your product

2. Consistent interaction with clients Communication is improved when you have a website.
If maintained and updated with information well enough, customers will always have access to details about your products or services. You can also convey information to all clients at a go with your website without having to explain the same thing to individual customers over and over again

3. Expand and eliminate geographical barriers
Websites help expand your market and gain more customers. Irrespective of where your customers may be, as long as they have access to the internet, they can access your product or service from anywhere around the world.

4. Instant credibility.
Websites allow you to set up your own internet identity. By having your own domain, you will build a strong online brand presence and people are more likely to take you seriously.

5. Social proof
With your website, you can show evidence of your expertise and knowledge in your area of work. About 60% of customers have testified that the reviews of other customers found on business websites influenced them to make purchase decisions. With websites, you show proof that you know what you’re about.

6. Runs 24/7
Because websites run anytime, information requests by potential customers are processed immediately via autoresponders whether day or night. Since customers can access as much information as they need without engaging in face to face interactions, they find it more convenient hence, improving customer service.

7. Impress and show off
If you’ve always yearned for an opportunity to impress people with your work and show off, this is it! With a website, you can showcase all the products you’ve ever created to the world. It also presents the platform to share your success stories with customers. As a small business, owning a website in itself is enough to boast about.

8. Less expensive as it offers virtual space to market your products.
If yours is a stay-at-home business, a website is a must-have for you. Instead of renting commercial space and paying hundreds of Ghana cedis monthly, your website gives you that marketplace. A smart, engaging website is going to be your representative and your showroom!

9. Answer basic questions about yourself.
Websites are powerful sales tools such that, once a customer logs on, they’re introduced to who you are, what you do and how to contact you.
Your website can create a perfect, long-lasting first impression of your brand which has the ability to excite and convince potential buyers to patronize you.

10. Your competitors already have websites
The one thing your competitors are reaping great results from and don’t want you to know is owning a website. With a sharp and client friendly website, you can finally rub shoulders with the big brands.

Composed By: Nana Ama Coomson
Content Writer/Blogger



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